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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 5 Season 2 Episode 5

The charming and delightful Paul Hogan welcomes us to The Next Joe Millionaire. As he sips his brandy, he reminds us that last week, several of the women did not enjoy the country life of their ranch date. This week, it's back to the city. Please feel free to make your own Green Acres joke here. With two hours of action crammed into one night, I don't have the energy to do it myself. Tonight, David and the women will go to Florence for individual dates. Paul asks, ""Is it the money or his charm that fuels the competition?"" David says that he's disappointed about Linda not being in the running anymore, but that he's looking forward to his dates. Petra vows to cheer him up. She is looking forward to getting to know him better without the other women around. A sedan pulls up to the villa and we see Petra asking the driver if she can sit up front with him. I guess this scene is to tell us that Petra is just folks like the rest of us and most certainly not a gold digger. Petra greets David i

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