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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 4 Season 2 Episode 4

The show starts, as always, with my man Paul Hogan drinking a brandy and musing over David's latest dates. Paul says that David so far has been ""a fish out of water,"" but that this week, the women will have to adapt to David's environment when they take a trip to a ranch. Which of the women will fit into David's world? At the villa, the women are enjoying breakfast. Olinda is wearing a gigantic pair of sunglasses that cover pretty much her entire head. Lina tells the ladies that she dreamed about going shopping, then to a spa for a massage. Olinda jokes, ""that's my lifestyle."" Paul arrives and tells the women that David would like for them to know more about his life in Texas. For their date, he has gotten presents for all of them. The presents are outside. The women should get them and then pack for an overnight trip. The gifts are cowboy hats and boots for everybody. The women try on their new accessories and have a great time with it. Several of them get into the act by practicing s

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