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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 3 Season 2 Episode 3

After the fallout of three ladies leaving, the show picks up again and it's time for David to start dating the rest. The morning after the kickoff, the girls were still slightly in shock. The women also talked about how they liked the necklaces, but they weren't all that great. The women were still wondering more about David though. What does he do? What's he like? Etc… Paul then told David that when he goes out with the women, that it's imperative to keep his stories straight because these European women will be asking him a lot more questions than American women would. Paul then told the women that David was going to take Kristyna, Giada and Olinda on a group date. And that the other women would all be going on group dates with David over the next few days. David took the girls to Montecatini Alto, Italy for pottery lessons. David thought it would be a great idea to get to know the girls in a relaxing environment. The women were still skeptical of David flying out his horse, but he w

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