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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 2 Season 2 Episode 2

When we left off last, we met all the girls, we met our new Joe, or David if you will. And we've ventured into the Tuscan Villa. Now it's time to find out what the girls' true motivations may be. It should be really interesting. The girls initially felt sorry for David because of how shy he came across. Plus, the women suddenly became very pro cowboy. David said all the girls were extremely beautiful. After the meet and greet, David invited the women to a ball. All the women took the rest of the day to prepare and dress and primp, etc. David said he wanted to make a good first impression. It's important because he needed to sell the fact that he has money. But he also said he doesn't want to come across as cocky. David was even more nervous about telling the girls that some of them will be going home. At the ball, David waited patiently for the women to arrive. David said that everything he's done so far was leading up to that moment. Paul escorted all the women out and his first impre

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