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Watch Joe Millionaire online: Episode 1 Season 2 Premiere

Joe Millionaire a.k.a. David Smith, 24, earns $11,000 a year as a rodeo cowboy in Texas. Fourteen European women, from 5 different countries, vying for his attention (and fake $80 million oil fortune) don't meet him until the very end of the episode. However, the time leading up to that was still worth watching. If possible, these women appear to be cattier and more materialistic than the ladies from the original J.M. David is flown to a gorgeous villa in the Italian countryside and given a crash course by Paul, everyone's favorite butler, in European geography and greetings in the ladies' native languages. The women party it up (drinking so much champagne their first night Paul has to order more) in their anticipation to meet him and are, shall we say, disappointed when they find out he's a cowboy. Paul's observation that European women seem to like a wealthy man as much as American women is dead-on. That QUICKLY changes when they hear about his fortune. All in all, it looks like this

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