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What is Watching about?
Watching is a sitcom set in Merseyside, with Brenda coming from Liverpool and Malcolm coming from Meols on the Wirral. Quiet biker Malcolm, who lived with his domineering mother, was accompanied on his birdwatching trips by loud scouser Brenda, who was forced to ride in his sidecar. The series followed their on/off relationship, during which Malcolm married Lucinda.

Actors: Liza Tarbuck, John Bowler, Philip Fox, Andrew Hilton, Dave Dutton, Ally Vuli, Hannah Gordon, Georgina Beeley, Charlotte Beeley, Bill Moores, Noreen Kershaw, Emma Wray, Patsy Byrne, Liz Crowther, Richard Good, Al T. Kossy, Paul Bown, Elizabeth Morton
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Watching

    Episode 1: Meeting  
    Episode 3: Outing  
    Episode 5: Leaving  
    Episode 7: Hiding  

Season 2 of Watching

    Episode 1: Falling  
    Episode 2: Dancing  
    Episode 3: Visiting  
    Episode 5: Missing  
    Episode 6: Dining  
    Episode 7: Moving  

Season 3 of Watching

    Episode 1: Losing  
    Episode 4: Breeding  
    Episode 6: Wedding  

Season 4 of Watching

    Episode 1: Joking  
    Episode 2: Pairing  
    Episode 6: Petting  
    Episode 7: Floating  
    Episode 9: Flitting  

Season 5 of Watching

    Episode 1: Listing  
    Episode 2: Nesting  
    Episode 3: Feeding  
    Episode 4: Wining  
    Episode 5: Fixing  
    Episode 6: Straying  
    Episode 7: Homing  
    Episode 8: Suiting  
    Episode 9: Bonding  

Season 6 of Watching

    Episode 1: Using  
    Episode 2: Echoing  
    Episode 5: Gulling  

Season 7 of Watching

    Episode 3: Helping  
    Episode 4: Engaging  
    Episode 7: Knotting  
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