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Watch Vandread online: Episode 9 More Savage Than Heaven

The crew of the Nirvana come across a planet that is almost completely covered in water. There is one island on the planet, but before they have time to investigate they must face cubed shaped opponents. Jura is as determined as ever to unite with Hibiki, and this is the perfect opportunity for her to do so - although the result may not be what she was necessarily expecting. As Hibiki and Jura crash onto the surface of the planet, the Captain and B.C. go down to investigate, and meet the locals, who seem to be willing to be harvested by the Harvest fleet. Meia and Dita try to desperately hold off the new Harvest fleet ship that is approaching the planet, but it may take Hibiki to motivate an extremely depressed Jura to fight in the new Vandread in order to save everyone.

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