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Watch Inhumanoids online: Episode 11 Primal Passions

Having long-pursued a cryptic trail from native legend and archaeological artifacts, Blackthorne Shore arrives at a gruesome temple hidden in the wilds of Borneo, within which a lightning-spitting Inhumanoid named Sslither has been magically imprisoned for millennia. Blackthrone frees the creature to carry out his bidding, beginning by knocking a patrolling army jet from the sky. Later, during an expedition to the Earth's mantle, the members of Earth Corps are ambushed in a trap set by the Inhumanoids. In the ensuing scuffle, a miscalculation in Liquidator's chemical spray formula sends the Inhumanoids on a mad, amorous spree: D'Compose professes his undying love for an undead Sandra Shore, Tendril tries to romance a robotic movie prop, while a starry-eyed Metlar steals away to his molten abode with the Statue of Liberty in his misbegotten embrace.

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