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What is Taggart about?
In the early eighties, Robert Love, Controller of Drama at Scottish Television, and Glenn Chandler, pathologist turned writer, created a Glaswegian police detective named Jim Taggart. A creation which resulted in a world-wide successful television drama that has lasted for over twenty years. With over eighty episodes currently in the can the series, which follows the exploits of Maryhill CID, continues to win over viewers old and new despite major changes in the cast which caused most in the business to write it off. Since the pilot episode "Killer", the only installment to not carry the trade mark name, to the most recently aired episode, the show has presented more grizzly murders and plot twists than even the most ardent of fans can remember. Its film noir quality along with the stunning setting of Glasgow, the second city of the empire, that helps it remain a success even after all these years. The excellent cast, both present and past, have provided characters which have become much loved and remain in the hearts of fans even after their departure. This guide is dedicated to the memories of Mark McManus, Iain Anders, Robert Robertson, and Tom Watson. Taggart is now 20 years old becoming the longest running police drama on television the show is still as popular as it was when Mark McManus was at the helm. Taggart is made by SMG Productions and broadcast on the ITV network over the UK.

Actors: Mark McManus, Blythe Duff, Colin McCredie, John Michie, Iain Anders, James MacPherson, Harriet Buchan, Yasmin Marley, Lesley Harcourt, Neil Duncan, Robert Robertson, Alex Norton, Tom Watson
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Taggart

    Episode 1: Killer  

Season 2 of Taggart

Season 3 of Taggart

Season 4 of Taggart

Season 5 of Taggart

Season 6 of Taggart

    Episode 1: Evil Eye  

Season 7 of Taggart

Season 8 of Taggart

Season 9 of Taggart

Season 10 of Taggart

    Episode 3: Secrets  

Season 11 of Taggart

    Episode 1: Hellfire  

Season 12 of Taggart

    Episode 1: Legends  

Season 13 of Taggart

    Episode 3: Babushka  

Season 14 of Taggart

    Episode 1: Beserker  

Season 15 of Taggart

Season 16 of Taggart

Season 17 of Taggart

Season 18 of Taggart

Season 19 of Taggart

    Episode 1: Hard Man  
    Episode 4: New Life  

Season 20 of Taggart

Season 21 of Taggart

    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   

Season 22 of Taggart

    Episode 5: Law  
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   

Season 23 of Taggart

    Episode 3: Tenement  
    Episode 4: Pinnacle  
    Episode 5: Genesis  
    Episode 7: Lifeline  
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   

Season 24 of Taggart

    Episode : Genesis  
    Episode 2: Island  
    Episode 3: Trust  
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   

Season 25 of Taggart

    Episode : Lifeline  
    Episode 1: Safer  
    Episode 2: Homesick  
    Episode 5: Grass  
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   
    Episode 100:   

Season 26 of Taggart

    Episode : Grass  
    Episode 1: I.O.U  

Season 27 of Taggart

    Episode : IOU  
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