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Watch Run Buddy Run online: Episode 8 I Want a Piece of That Boy

Mr. D., Junior and Wendell are at the boxing matches; Frankie Phillips TKOs his opponent. Later, in Mr. D.'s office, Wendell asks, ""Profitable night, Mr. D.?"" To which Mr. D. replies, ""Extremely so, I had 10 grand on Phillips."" It turns out Phillips was the underdog, but Mr. D. owns both fighters-- he advises Junior, ""It's okay to bet, but never gamble."" (laugh track) The hotline rings; it's an Overstreet sighting, in Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. D. sends Wendell and Harry. But by the time they are getting there, Buddy is already on a road 55 miles south of Louisville, hitchhiking to Mexico; Wendell and Harry drive right by him!* Frankie Phillips and his manager Marty Mason are driving to Memphis, Tennessee, for a fight; Phillips says he will need a sparring partner-- by coincidence, they pick up hitchhiker Buddy. (They have no idea who Buddy is.) Meantime, back in New York, Mr. D. and Junior decide to watch Phillips' next fight in Memphis; Junior tells dad it's 1,122 miles to Memph

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