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Watch Run Buddy Run online: Episode 7 Bank Holdup

At Devere Enterprises they are having a meeting; order of business: Buddy Overstreet. Mr. D. grouses, ""At this rate, Overstreet's gonna die of old age!"" Junior announces that, based on his research, Buddy must be in the San Francisco area. Just then Mr. D. gets a call: there was an ""Overstreet sighting"" in Ridgedale, Connecticut. Mr. D. sends Wendell and Harry, and tells them: don't return without killing Overstreet. In Ridgedale, Buddy is having coffee at a diner. Wendell and Harry are outside in their limo. But another car with crooks pulls up; the inept driver Harold, the getaway man, bumps into other cars as he tries to park. When he goes into the diner to get sandwiches, the 2 thugs in the back-seat, Max and Lou, say they need a better driver. When Buddy comes out of the diner, Wendell and Harry chase him; Buddy gets into Harold's car and speeds away. There is a zany, high-speed car chase with Buddy driving like crazy with Wendell and Harry in pursuit; Buddy gets away. B

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