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Watch Run Buddy Run online: Episode 1 Steam Bath & Chicken Little

Syndicate boss Mr. Devere, along with Wendell, Norton and Joseph, pull up in a long, black car and go to a Turkish-bath steam room (the same kind Frank Nitti went to in the ""Untouchables"" episode # 102, ""The Speculator"" Jan. 1963). Mr. Devere says, ""This was an excellent choice, Norton, now we can relax and we can conduct our business in complete privacy."" Unbeknownst to them, Buddy Overstreet is also in the steam room; when he hears them discuss murder, Buddy hides behind some towels, it's very foggy in the steam room. Mr. Devere tells Joseph he will have to rub out McGregor. When Joseph says, ""But he's like a brother to me,"" Devere reminds him, ""He IS your brother."" (laugh track) Devere insists McGregor is the only one alive who can link the 4 of them together-- that would be the end of the Syndicate; and McGregor had mentioned ""Chicken Little."" Devere impresses on them that ""What has been said here today must remain a secret between the 4 of us: you, you, you, me..."" (points to

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