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Watch The Cape online: Episode 20 Just Like Old Times

Bull and Andrea's relationship is put to a test when, while in Washington on business, Bull runs into his ex-wife Ellen and they share a quiet dinner together. When Andrea finds out that Bull has spent the evening with Ellen she is hurt and jealous and turns to her ex, Jeff Mason. Jeff's company is supposed to be preparing important sections for the new space station and the company is way behind schedule in its work. He has been sent to divert NASA's attention from his companies short-falls and a distracted Andrea proves to be the perfect tool to achieve this. Barbara, meanwhile has a huge problem to solve. The time capsule that was buried after the first moon landing has mysteriously disappeared. Buried next to the launchpad it was to be excavated in front of the press, during an anniversay celebration. In order to prevent a publicity nightmare for the Kennedy Space Center she must find out what happened to the time capsule and return it before the ceremony.

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