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Watch The Cape online: Episode 15 Interpretations

On a routine shuttle mission to launch an Italian satellite, Tamara, Dwight Ellis and Italian astronaut Mario, experience a strange flash of light - then darkness. When systems are restored they are horrified by the sight of the satellite, on the end of its severed tether, floating off into space. Although no one is quite sure what has happened, Tamara is unsettled by a vague memory from the darkness, something she chooses not to discuss. On their return the investigation turns ugly with much finger-pointing and recrimination solving nothing. Dwight, however, begins to hint that he too saw ""something"" but is also reluctant to divulge too much. Tamara presses him but, amid the wild speculation that something ""extraterrestrial"" may have been involved, he chooses to deny everything in fear of destroying his career.

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