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Watch The Huntress online: Episode 28 D&B, Inc.

CAPSULE: A high-tech bounty hunting corporation moves into the Los Angeles market and their vast resources threaten to turn the ""old-timers"" like Dottie and Brandi into dinosaurs. SPOILER ALERT! Key plot details revealed! Dottie and Brandi have a skip staked out, but just as they are moving in for the collar several cars come screeching on the scene disgorging men in black suits and a camera crew. The men efficiently take the fugitive into custody and tell Dottie and Brandi that they are from Krill & Associates, a professional bounty hunting corporation. The Thorsons go to Ricky who explains to them that Krill is a corporation who takes over ailing businesses and are now looking to corner the L.A. bail enforcement market with their new high-tech approach. As a favor, Ricky gives the women a lead on Don Alonzini, a well-known psychic who has skipped bail on his partner Sidney Julius, leaving him in danger of losing a $500,000 house. Dottie and Brandi check out some high-tech equipment f

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