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CAPSULE: Dottie sponsors a parolee, Max Quinlan, who is an old prison friend of Tiny's. But some men on the outside have unfinished business to conclude with the former armored car robber. SPOILER ALERT! Key plot details revealed! Tiny accompanies Dottie back to prison to see Max Quinlin, who has requested a meeting. His lawyer tells them that Max, who's been in serving a long sentence for armored car robberies, has a chance to be paroled if he can be released to a responsible community member like Dottie. Although he was Tiny's good friend in prison, Tiny is now leery of Dottie taking such responsibility. But Max makes a good impression on the big-hearted Dottie and she agrees to do it. The more cynical Brandi is not thrilled with the prospect, however. A prisoner is seen calling up an unknown party with the news: Max is getting out. Mark Farrell shows up to meet Brandi. He's left his new position in Virginia after six weeks and as he tries to explain things to Brandi he tells her he

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