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Watch The Huntress online: Episode 7 Kidnapped

CAPSULE: On a routine pickup, Dottie is mysteriously abducted and Brandi enlists Tiny in her frantic search for her mother. SPOILER ALERT! Plot secrets revealed! Ricky calls the Thorson women with an easy pickup, one Dwight Gamble. But when they arrive at his place, they find a dead body on the floor and an empty pill bottle. Brandi goes to the car to call the police. When she returns, she finds her mother gone, along with the corpse. She tells her story to a couple of skeptical police detectives. Rapidly becoming frantic, Brandi enlists Ricky and Tiny to help find Dottie. Bluffing their way into the IRS headquarters, Brandi and Tiny talk to Gamble's ex-girlfriend Sharon, who put up his bail. She says he was acting strangely and becoming abusive, obviously hiding something from her. Tiny and Brandi return to Gamble's house where the cleanup has already begun. Posing as a couple, they convince the real estate agent there, Melissa Schiffer, to let them look around. Tiny finds evidence of

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