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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 2 Cash Cows

Rachel and her eight potential cash cows, er, I mean soul mates, were now free to date and scheme without Andrea getting in the way. The remaining guys bonded at the mansion, while still trying to determine what each other's checks were worth. Josh and Mike told each other what they were ""worth"" – strategy be damned! Jordan gathered the guys downstairs. Alone time with Rachel was the key to getting ahead in the game, Jordan explained. However, he continued, only one of the eight would get an alone date before the next elimination. How much would it be worth? The guys had to bid on the date with money from their check. The bidding started at $25,000, which quickly eliminated the $1 guys (Morgan and David S.). Chris ($250,000) kicked off the bidding and kept it going. He seemed a sure winner when bidding reached $75,000, until Mike threw his hat in for $100,000. Mike's check was also worth $250,000, so he and Chris had a lot to lose. Then Alex ($500,000) jumped in for $125,000. At the la

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