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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 5 Season Finale: Love Conquers All!

While munching on muffins and eggs, PJ and Rachel marveled at how quiet the mansion was with just the two of them. I wonder if billionaire power couples discuss the same thing when they have breakfast? Rachel wondered aloud who could've possibly said anything bad about her to Preston. Gee, I don't know - EVERYBODY? PJ wisely kept her mouth shut, despite being a guilty party. Later in the event room, Jordan reminded the girls that their decision to choose love or money could change their lives. A million dollars could be within their grasps. He then revealed that one of their checks was worth a million dollars and the other was worth a dollar. PJ's instincts were telling her she was worth a million bucks, which would make her decision very difficult. Rachel, on the other hand, knew that a one-dollar check would make her choice much easier. But what if Preston had been leading them on this entire time just so he could choose the money in the end? It was a lot to think about. Jordan remin

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