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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 3 Rude Awakening

A quiet morning in the mansion was disrupted when Jordan burst into the girls' bedroom with good news and bad news. The good news was that they'd each have a chance for alone time with Preston. The bad news was that there were 5 girls, and only 4 dates. Like last season, the bachelor would choose a girl for the first date. At the end of that date, he could return to the mansion and pick up another girl for the second date, or stay with the same girl and continue the date. The news woke the girls up in a hurry and they clamored to get ready (which included some very odd shots of Rebekah shaving her entire leg). Once they were all primped and pretty, they stood out on the front porch awaiting Preston's arrival. Preston chose Andrea for his first date, much to Rachel's obvious dismay. PJ was also frustrated. She said that Andrea rubbed her the wrong way. Meanwhile, in the limo, Preston thought Andrea looked great and he kept commenting on her great stomach. Soon they pulled up to a roller

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