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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 5 Episode 11

Jordan woke the sleeping beauties to inform them that the day would hold four dates - but that not all four of them would necessarily be going on them. That Jordan with his cryptic messages! He gave each of the guys a cell phone and explained that Erin also had a phone - programmed with each guy's number. In half an hour, she'd call one of them to go on the first date. At the end of that date (approximately 2 hours), she could call one of the other guys for the second date - or extend the date she was already on. So, theoretically, she could just spend the day with one guy, or spend it with all four guys depending on how things were going. As the guys got ready, they pondered what quality time with Erin would do for their standings at this point. Eric kept second-guessing his comments at the last elimination ceremony. He thought it was in poor taste to refer to the guy who chose the money (Vic) as ""selling out."" He really wanted to apologize to Erin for what he perceived as an inapprop

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