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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 1 Season 2 Premiere

With the tables turned and the stakes raised, 15 hot eligible bachelors arrived at the mansion - thinking they were competing for love. Meet the bachelors, click here. They rolled up to the mansion in several Hummers and were immediately impressed with the decadent digs. Jordan greeted them and welcomed them into the house to get to know each other. They shot pool and acted cool around each other, but to camera they talked about how they ""ached for love"" (Chris) and how they had ""their game faces on"" (Deric). Lots of the guys compared their search for love to a game that needed to be won. Strategy was key, as was knowing their opponents. Sounds romantic, eh? After dinner, Jordan met the guys in the living room and dropped the million-dollar bombshell. The guys just couldn't stop smiling! Jordan proceeded to pass out the checks so that the guys could see what a million dollars made out in their name would look like. Chad V. said that despite the cash prize, he was still hoping to find l

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