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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 6 Season 1 Finale

Finale Now that Rob knew the ladies had a million-dollar check influencing their ""heartfelt"" decisions, he had a new perspective on the game of love. He also had the added incentive that if he got the lady he chose to choose him over the million bucks, Rob would win a million dollars. Paige and Erin soon learned that if Rob picked them, they wouldn't automatically receive their million. Up until this point in the game, they had no idea they'd have to choose between Rob or the money. They thought they'd have their hunk and riches too. Paige just kept saying ""oh my gosh"" over and over. Erin just smiled and said, ""interesting."" Jordan (he's the host in case you forgot), kept reminding them that it was one or the other. If they chose the money, they'd never see Rob again. If they chose Rob, they could kiss their money goodbye. Once Jordan left, Erin and Paige tried to weasel out of each other what they would pick. Erin thought Paige would always pick Rob, while Paige seemed convinced that

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