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Watch For Love or Money online: Episode 3 Episode 3

Only five ladies remained: Erin, Kelly, Laura, Lauren and Paige. Whether they were in it for love or money, they each had to convince Rob that they were the one for him. Laura got the chance when she awoke first to discover an invitation at the top of the stairs. It offered the first early riser the opportunity to serve Rob breakfast in bed. After showering and borrowing Lauren's dress, Laura started getting nervous about what to make. Lauren, in true Paige style, offered to help! Ladies…what is with the teamwork?! Rob was just rubbing sleep bunnies from his eyes when Laura (accompanied by Lauren) knocked on his door to present breakfast. Lauren quickly went back to the main house while Laura snuggled up to Rob. She claimed money wasn't a factor at this point, and that the game was more about being herself and getting to know Rob. You may remember Laura as the girl from the first episode who claimed that at 34 she knew way more than the other girls. Speaking of the others, the sleeping

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