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Watch Cover Me Based on the True Life of an FBI Family online: Episode 11 Bazooka Joe

Danny goes undercover as a small-time gun dealer to infiltrate a local mob crew, but just when he's making headway with one of the crew boys, his contact turns up belly-up in the ocean. Was he whacked by his own crew? Danny slowly establishes contact with the remaining mobsters and gets them interested in a phony bazooka heist, hoping to gain their trust and uncover the murderer. Meanwhile, the Arno family becomes completely ""Italianized"" as the Andreotti's, and even get access to an undercover home to entertain mob boss Charlie ""Diggs"" Digliero. But the bazooka plan arouses suspicion, and when Chance accidentally blows their cover on the docks, the undercover cover house meets with an explosive end-right before Chance's eyes. Is Chance the only Arno left?

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