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Watch Cover Me Based on the True Life of an FBI Family online: Episode 8 The Fever Flip

Danny has been telling ""The Fever Flip"" story to his kids for years, but Barbara hates the story and wishes Danny would stop talking about it. It's all about a case he and a ""talented female partner"" worked on before the kids were born. Cary Fever had been a pornographer who brought under-aged girls across state lines to be in his pictures. But when they brought him down, Danny and his partner went too far while busting Fever-they wound up ruining Fever's whole life. Now Fever has tracked Danny down, and he's seeking revenge. Fever starts toying with Danny, but his real target is actually Danny's old female partner. And now Barbara's seemingly irrational fears about the story have become justifiable: SHE was Danny's talented female partner...

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