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What is The Toxic Crusaders about?
The Toxic Crusaders was a show loosely based on Troma's blood and gore flick the Toxic Avenger. The show aired in 1991 and was unfortunately pulled before all 13 season 1 episodes could air. Only 5 of the episodes aired on TV. The story is about a nerd Melvin Junko who falls into toxic sludge and More becomes a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. He decides to do battle for justice and right the wrongs against pollution on our earth.

Actors: Michael J. Pollard, Chuck McCann, Kath Soucie, Ed Gilbert, Patrick Zimmerman, Gregg Berger, Patric L. Zimmerman, Rodger Bumpass, Hal Rayle, Susan Blu, Paul Eiding, Susan Silo, John Mariano
Genre: Animation, Children, Comedy
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Season 1 of The Toxic Crusaders

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