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Watch Tokyo Pig online: Episode 3 A Bitter Fruit

Spencer is forced to actually enjoy a day off from school, instead of doing homework and writing all day. After trying to play games, he decided to write in his journal and then encounters a banana that can talk... and read... and write! The banana explains to him that all fruits are embarrassed of being peeled before being digested and all the fruits know that strawberries are ingested with their peels. The strawberry says it's because she knows how to read and write and it makes her peel taste better. The strawberry makes a school program for fruits to help them be smarter so that they will never have to be peeled again. The banana takes Spencer and Sunny to the world of fruits (which is conveniently located in Spencer's fridge). There they meet the strawberry that started the whole program. But they soon come to realize that the only reason she is making all the fruits smart are to help her in her plan to take over the world! Now Spencer and Sunny has to stop the bitter strawberry b

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