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Watch Xcalibur online: Episode 18 Appeal of the Just

The Green Prince returns from the Palace to find Bragan's men taking all his food and gold. He asks Djana for help. Herik advises him to appeal to the King for help. The Green Prince agrees. The King decides to do the Appeal of the Just the next day. Bragan, meanwhile asks Kwodahn for help. Kwodahn sends out a clone from another dimension. The clone convinces Djana that that The Green Prince has now turned evil and chases him to the Palace. Meanwhile Herik and Tara find the real Green Prince who promptly heads after Djana and the clone. He is accompanied by Tara and Herik. Djana manages to find and confront the clone who convinces her he's the real Green Prince who is trying to kill the evil clone. They quickly find Bragan who tells the Green Prince that theres been a change of plan. The Green Prince then attacks Djana. When she recovers she sees 2 Green Prince's fighting. The evil Green Prince manages to defeat the real Green Prince and then attacks Djana who the kills the evil clone.

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