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Watch Xcalibur online: Episode 11 Hexed Chessboard

Tara dreams that she nearly freed Djana's father. She wakes up but does not tell Whip, Herik or Djana about the dream. Meanwhile Kwodahn talks to Bragan and tells him that in order to get Xcalibur he has to beat King Arthus at Chess. Bragan agrees. Bragan then challenges Arthus to Chess. He also agrees. Meanwhile the ""outlaws"" are confronted with a strange sphere which then ""absorbs"" them. They find themselves on a chess board. Meanwhile Arthus plays chess with his Uncle Bragan trying to beat him at the game. It turns out that every time Arthus or Bragan move a chess piece, the figures on the giant chess board also moves. After a while Arthus is winning against his uncle so Kwodahn takes matters into his own hands. He puts a shield around the chess board so Arthus and Bragan can't continue the game. He brings Walker into the game. He also brings Djana's father in the game who immediately gets ""killed"" by Walker and sucked through a black hole. Djana, overcome by grief, goes after he

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