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Watch Xcalibur online: Episode 10 The Slumbering Palace

Djana records a message in a message box and then goes to the Palace via the secret entrance. She and the group arrive to find everyone asleep. It turns out that Walker has put everyone to sleep except the King. The group hear his cries for help and decide to split up. Tara ends up being ambushed. Herik finds out through the Book of Life that Djana is in danger. He successfully warns her but in turn loses the Book of Life to Walker who then goes after Djana and Xcalibur. Djana manages to find King Arthus who demands that she hands Xcalibur to him. Djana refuses and is then ambushed by Walker. Herik arrives too late so the both of them decide to fight Walker. Eventually Walker manages to trap Arthus and demand Djana to hand Xcalibur to her. Meanwhile Tara escapes and saves Arthus. Walker goes and gets Bragan. She demands that Djana hands over Xcalibur. Djana refuses and holds Xcalibur up in the air. The light blinds Walker and she ends up getting stabbed by Djana.Walker vanishes and war

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