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Watch Xcalibur online: Episode 8 The Test of Blood

The Sea Barbarian's decide to capture The Wandering City in an attempt to capture Wolf's son, Herik. While the barbarians control The Wandering City, a bunch of them go to the Kingdom to find and kidnap Herik. They manage to find him AND kidnap him but Whip sees the barbarians kidnap Herik and warns Djana and Tara.They go to The Wandering City to try and free Herik. They manage to find him but in the process both Tara and Herik get captured AGAIN. Tara makes a deal with Wolf. In return for Herik's freedom, Tara will agree to marry Wolf AND bear him a child but when Herik finds out, he refuses to leave and instead and instead take part in the Test of Blood, the barbarians answer to discovering who is the father to a fatherless child. Meanwhile, a barbarian tries to destroy The Book of Life but Djana stops him and fights him. In the process She falls down a hole and the barbarian throws the Book of Life in the hole. Whip manages to capture the Book of Life. Djana, meanwhile, manages t

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