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Watch Xcalibur online: Episode 1 Sword of Justice

Bragan kills the King and takes control of Camelot by becoming the Guardian for his nephew Arthus whos the new King of Camelot. Kwodahn,an evil scorcer, attacks the Monastery of the Shogis just to get the Book of Life which contains powerful magic. Herik, a young Shogi, escapes with the book and meets up with Djana, the daughter of Prince Erwann. Prince Erwann witnessed Bragans treachery and decided to hide Xcalibur,the Sword of Justice,the most powerful sword that was ever created and who afterwards was turned to stone by Kwodahn. Herik and Djana decided to visit the statue of Prince Erwann where Djana cried. The crying mmade the statue on top of Prince Erwann fall and come to life. The statue introduced himself as Whip and said he was a dragon. They then decided to go insde the tree by going inside the hole which seemed to lead into the tree. Inside the tree there was a lake where Djana saw something shiny. She decided to swim to the shining light in the lake. It turned out to be

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