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What is Rutland Weekend Television about?
A Rutland TV station would be pretty small, so a Rutland Weekend Television would have to be ridiculously tiny. The joke was doubly meaningful, as instead of a light entertainment budget, the show had to get by on a presentation budget. A typical episode begins with the announcer, usually with something going wrong or with something out of the ordinary. The role of the announcer would be to announce the 'programmes' (typically sketches) - many 'programmes' would lead into, or announce one of many songs and accompanying strange vignettes by Neil Innes.

Actors: Eric Idle, Roger Rettig, Brian Hodgson, Billy Bremner, John Halsey, Gwen Taylor, Carinthia West, David Battley, Henry Woolf, Neil Innes
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Rutland Weekend Television

    Episode : Episode 1  
    Episode : Episode 2  
    Episode : Episode 3  
    Episode : Episode 4  
    Episode : Episode 6  
    Episode 2: Kung-Fu  

Season 2 of Rutland Weekend Television

    Episode : Episode 8  
    Episode : Episode 9  
    Episode 1: Rutles  
    Episode 2: Cop Show  
    Episode 3: Sequel  
    Episode 4: Sprimpo  
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