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Trudy asks Dennis's advice about buying a personal computer. He gives her some basic advice and she buys one. He gives her his email address to help explain how that works. Jennifer walks in and is a little jealous. Nick tries to convince his father to buy the land surrounding and including the old drive-in to develop it. Frank refuses saying it's a bad time, and they don't have enough money to make this work right then. Nick is frustrated because he feels this is an opportunity that is going to pass them by if they don't act on it quickly. Dennis is looking for a house to by. As Amy shows him a house, she warns him about the OMB (Okay By Me) syndrome. She tells him that co-habitating in a hotel room is not the same as living together in a home. Trudy buys a computer and tries to convince Nelson that it'll be a useful tool in their home. He's not convinced. Nick decides to act on the development on his own. He sells his boat to get the money to buy the land. He spends some ti

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