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What is Manhunt (1970) about?
British pilot Jimmy Porter (Alfred Lynch) crashes his aeroplane in occupied France and immediately finds himself on the run from the Nazis. He meets a young girl, Nina (Cyd Hayman), a part-Jewish agent with important information, and vows to get her back to Britain. He is helped by another agent, code-named Vincent, (Peter Barkworth) and pursued across France by S.S. Officer Lutzig (Philip Madoc), and the ambivalent Abwehr Sgt. Gratz (Robert Hardy), a complex psychological character who is implied to fall in love with Nina. Unlike most previous war dramas, the Nazis were presented as more than just fanatical thugs. Manhunt was a World War II drama series consisting of 26 episodes, produced by London Weekend Television in 1969 and broadcast nationwide

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Manhunt (1970)

    Episode 2: Break-up  
    Episode 9: Betrayel  
    Episode 20: Machine  
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