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What is Terrahawks about?
It is the year 2020, an alien invasion fleet attacks the NASA base on Mars, destroying it completely. The invaders, androids from the Planet Guk, then take complete control of the red planet. Their leader, Zelda, makes plans to take over the Earth as well. Meanwhile, the Earth's only hope for survival, the elite defence force codenamed TERRAHAWKS, stands ready at their secret H.Q, waiting for Zelda to make her first deadly move...

Actors: Ben Stevens, Jeremy Hitcher, Denise Bryer, Windsor Davies, Anne Ridler
Genre: Action and Adventure, Science-Fiction

Season 1 of Terrahawks

    Episode 11: The Gun  

Season 2 of Terrahawks

    Episode 12: Gold  

Season 3 of Terrahawks

    Episode 4: Runaway  
    Episode 8: Timewarp  
    Episode 12: Cry UFO  
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