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Watch The Super Powers Team Galactic Guardians online: Episode 1 The Seeds of Doom

Cyborg uses his metallic powers to single handedly apprehend Lex Luthor. The Super Powers Team is so impressed, they invite him to join the team, but Cyborg declines. Firestorm, who would like have someone his own age on the team learns about Cyborg, how he came to be and that he only wants to be left alone. The metallic hero reluctantly winds up working with the Super Powers Team when they discover giant seed pods that Darkseid's Parademons have placed all over the Earth. The seeds will sprout and crack the Earth's crust and eventually will change Earth into a second Apokolips. To stop Darkseid's plan, Cyborg reluctantly accompanies Wonder Woman and Firestorm to Apokolips to find the source of the seeds and destroy them. In the end, Cyborg finally joins the team.

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