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Watch Raffles online: Episode 1 The First Step

Raffles is entertaining two friends at his home at The Albany one evening when he is visited by his old friend, Harry ""Bunny"" Manders. Bunny is goaded into a card game by Raffles' two friends, Carruthers and Tremayne, and eventually loses five hundred pounds. Having paid his debt by cheque, Bunny later confesses to Raffles that the cheque is worthless, and that his reputation will be in tatters when it becomes known. Raffles confesses to Bunny that he is an amateur cracksman, a jewel thief who steals from the rich, but who - well, keeps the profits for himself, and invites Bunny to join him in his escapades. Bunny is surprised, but accepts Raffles' offer, and they arrange a robbery at the house of one of the men who had fleeced Bunny. Anthony Valentine as Raffles with Christopher Strauli as Harry 'Bunny' Manders.

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