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What is Nash Bridges about?
Nash Bridges is an American television police drama that was created by Carlton Cuse. The show starred Don Johnson and Cheech Marin as two detectives with the San Francisco Police Department. Nash Bridges (Johnson) is Captain of the Special Investigations Unit (with offices aboard a siezed boat), a man-about-town, who drives around in a distinctive yellow 1971 Plymouth Barracuda ('The Cuda'). He has two ex-wives, many girlfriends and a young daughter (who eventually joins the police force) to keep him busy. Joe Dominguez (Marin), Nash's partner and best friend is a affable Mexican-American, firmly under the thumb of his Swedish wife Inger, and always on the look out for ways to make money on the side. In fact the two set up their own Private Detective agency, while still working for SFPD.

Actors: Annette O'Toole, Serena Scott Thomas, Kelly Hu, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Jaimé P. Gomez, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Don Johnson, Yasmine Bleeth, Wendy Moniz, Cress Williams, Julianne Christie, Jeff Perry, Cheech Marin, James Gammon
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama
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Season 1 of Nash Bridges

    Episode 1: Genesis  

Season 2 of Nash Bridges

    Episode 8: Zodiac  
    Episode 16: The Web  
    Episode 19: Rampage  

Season 3 of Nash Bridges

    Episode 2: Payback  
    Episode 5: Blackout  
    Episode 6: Ripcord  
    Episode 7: Sniper  

Season 4 of Nash Bridges

    Episode 7: Swingers  
    Episode 8: Warplay  

Season 5 of Nash Bridges

    Episode 11: Rip Off  
    Episode 16: Cop Out  
    Episode 18: Heist  

Season 6 of Nash Bridges

    Episode 5: ManHunt  
    Episode 7: End Game  
    Episode 8: Blowout  
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