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Watch Defenders of the Earth online: Episode 57 Torn Space

The fabric of the universe is weak and stretching under the stress of Graviton's bridge, and the evil alien must have the Necklace of Oros if he is to survive. When the reptile/humanoid corners Jedda in Monitor, demanding the powerful necklace, Ming uses the opportunity to invade the Defenders' headquarters. An inter-dimensional rift materializes above Monitor, threatening to destroy the world. Ming stops his attack and makes a temporary peace agreement with the Defenders, so they may join together and defeat Graviton. With Dynak X hooked up to Octon, Rick reverses the polarity of Monitor's energy generator, creating an energy flow which sends Graviton back to his dimension, however he takes Jedda with him!!! Monitor's generator is depleted of its power, leaving our heroes defenseless against Ming --his plan all along! As Flash fights the invading robo-ships in the sky, Rick finally repairs the generator, which powers the defense lasers and defeats the attackers. Jedda is caught between two dimensions and Rick and L.J. work together to reach into the rift and pull her to safety.

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