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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 8 Johnny Saves the World

Looking for food, Johnny wanders onto a farm. The ""farmer,"" Kurt, tells him to take a chicken and go away. Then Kurt goes back in the house and talks to Nella, and the two of them go to a hidden elevator, taking them down into the underground control center of a nuclear missile silo, relieving the two officers whose shift has just ended. This is their last day guarding the silo, as it's about to be closed, since the cold war had ended. Kurt and Nella will be leaving the Air Force, and they're planning on getting married. Nella wants to work with Kurt operating Tilt-A-Whirls. But Kurt admits he had dinner with his ex-wife the other night, and she had talked him into selling jewelry she would be making. This sends Nella into a jealous fit... Meanwhile, Johnny is back in his 'bago trying to work up the courage to kill the chicken, when it gets away from him. So he starts chasing it through the corn field. Nella decides to launch the missile, but it requires two people, and Kurt won't comp

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