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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 7 Big Top Bago

On the run from Beverly, Johnny pulls into a lot he mistakes in the dark for a trailer park. In the morning it turns out the trailers parked there are with a travelling circus, Bosco's Big Top. As he's about to leave, Bosco's chimp, Kimo, pretends to get hit by the 'bago, and Bosco claims the chimp has whiplash, and will need therapy. He insists Johnny stay to work off the debt, which Johnny does to avoid the police who are looking for him. While working there, Marilee, the fat lady, gets a crush on Johnny, and befriends him. Eventually Johnny learns that everyone there is Bosco's prisoner, because he has dirt on all of them. Then he finds out Johnny's wanted for murder, and forces him to stay on at the circus. He chains Johnny and Kimo together, and gives the keys to the 'bago to the chimp for safekeeping. Everyone decides to run away and take Johnny with them, but Bosco overhears their plans and calls Beverly, telling her to come to the show that night. He also plans to take care of

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