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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 6 Spotting Elvis

Johnny arrives at Mystery Trees RV Park & Campground, where an ""eco warrior"" named Erica is looking to hire someone to find and photograph spotted owls. Johnny's looking for work, so he takes the job, and fakes the pictures. The pictures make Erica happy, but not her boyfriend David, who just wants to go back to New York. Also not happy are the local loggers, who will be out of work, since Johnny's pictures will secure an injunction for the eco warriors against logging in the owls' habitat. The loggers are about to take their anger out on Johnny, when Elvis shows up and saves him. Johnny and Elvis go back to Elvis's RV, and they get to talking. Turns out Elvis had met Hick some time ago, and he had given him the same advice as Johnny, to traipse the bergs and the byways. Also Elvis told Johnny he'd decided to disappear because he'd lost ""it,"" so Johnny tries to help him get ""it"" back. When Elvis falls asleep, Johnny calls his mother to tell her who he's with, and she wants him to take

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