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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 5 Johnny's Golden Shaft

Johnny arrives at an RV park near Mount Rushmore, where he meets Valerie, who lives at the park with her son Ricky. She wants to meet a man who can take her and Ricky away and give them a good life, but Ricky always chases away the men she meets. Johnny pretends to be rich to impress Valerie, but Ricky finds out the truth about him. To get the kid not to tell his mother, Johnny makes up a story about a gold mine on the cover of a brochure, which a cellmate in prison had supposedly told him still had gold. While Johnny's on his date with Valerie, Ricky goes off and falls down the mine shaft, and Johnny has to go down to rescue him. There he and Ricky discover there actually is gold in the mine, and enter negotiations on percentages. Meanwhile, the latest hit man, Vic the Pick, offers Beverly a posh hotel room and dinner in exchange for info on Johnny. Back in the mine, Johnny finally agrees to split the mine 50/50 with Ricky, and they finally get out. But Vic and Beverly have each heard

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