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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 4 Lady Madonna

The 'bago runs out of water (as does Johnny himself) at a rhubarb plantation. Johnny gets some water from a pump, and then foreman Kenny tells him since the land is irrigated, and they have to pay to get the water in, Johnny will have to pay to get the water out. Since he's short on cash, he's forced to work off the debt cutting rhubarb alongside the migrant workers. He talks with one worker, Gloria, about the strike they're planning, since the owner promised to build them a church two years ago. He offers his own kind of help, but she declines. Then, however, an image of the Madonna appears on the 'bago's windshield, and the workers take it as a sign from God. Johnny isn't too pleased about that, until the workers start making monetary donations in the hopes of receiving miraculous answers to their prayers. Reno, the much younger gold digger wife of plantation owner Hub, wants to get out of the farming business. She's been waiting for Hub to die since his stroke two years ago, which l

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