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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 3 Johnny's Mannly Act

A local sheriff is chasing his daughter Lola, who has run off with her boyfriend. But at a gas station she ditches the boyfriend and sneaks onto Johnny's winnebago. They go to Four Corners RV park together, near the intersection of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Johnny is enjoying her company until he finds out she's 17, and he's just transported her across 4 state lines. Beverly, on the other hand, is happy about this, as it would mean an extra 20 year sentence tacked onto his murder charge, for violation of the Mann Act. Meanwhile, she hooks up with a travelling shoe salesman, who later turns out to actually be Goose, the latest hit man sent after Johnny. At the RV park, Johnny and Lola meet a couple named Buddy and Jo, and pretend to be married themselves. Johnny wants Lola to stay with them for the night, but they insist Johnny and Lola work on their ""marital difficulties."" Eventually Johnny convinces Lola she's got it pretty good back home, and that she should go back th

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