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Watch Johnny Bago online: Episode 1 Johnny Bago Free At Last

Johnny Tenuti is released from prison and finds out his ex-wife Beverly is now his parole officer. As if that weren't bad enough, his cousin Vincent, who set him up five years ago, sets him up again. This time it's for the murder of Chico Roselli, son of mob boss Benito Roselli. Johnny goes on the run, and meanwhile Vincent becomes Don Roselli's new right-hand man. Vincent sends a hit man named Tommy after Johnny, but he escapes and sneaks onto a Winnebago driven by Hick, who's headed for Thataway RV Park, for an annual fishing contest. The prize for the biggest fish is $5000. There Johnny meets Mary, whose mother Blossom needs the money for a hip replacement operation. Tommy shows up to kill Johnny, but is stopped by Beverly, who wants to bring Johnny in for the murder. Johnny catches the prize fish, but leaves the check with Mary, since he has to leave in a hurry. Hick died while fishing, so Johnny takes the keys to the Winnebago and takes off. Johnny had told Hick earlier that his n

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