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Watch RoboCop Prime Directives online: Episode 2 Meltdown

Cybernetically-enhanced mercenaries, led by Ann R. Key, try to steal technology from OCP. RoboCop stops them, but the murder of John Cable by the Trust has left RoboCop without his humanity, making him extremely violent. Unknown to RoboCop, the Trust have resurrected Cable into a new crime-prevention unit, RoboCable. Meanwhile, James looks into his father's death and uncovers some secret files. RoboCop battles Delta City Security and RoboCable. RoboCop recognizes him for who he really is, but the Trust have suppressed Cable's humanity. As the battle ensues, RoboCop is forced to retreat and escapes into Old Detroit. His only hope now is teamming up with Ann R. Key. Meanwhile, RoboCable and the Robohunters enter Old Detroit to find and destroy RoboCop.

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