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Watch The Immortal 1970 online: Episode 11 Paradise Bay

""Keep out -- this means YOU!"" reads the sign on a chain blocking the coastal road to the town of Paradise Bay. Ben drives around the barricade because he has a lead on his brother, Jason. The sheriff gives Ben an unfriendly welcome. After prompting from the manager of the company that owns the property, the sheriff shows Ben a tombstone with Jason Richards' name on it and claims Jason died in a scuba diving accident. The town has been sold to a developer to be turned into a resort, and most of the town's 900 residents have left. The few that remain stand to make a lot of money from the resort project, and they don't appreciate a stranger like Ben asking questions about Jason's death. Ben is not satisfied with the answers -- more precisely, the lack of answers and downright lies -- that he gets when he mentions Jason's name. He is worked over and driven off the property, but he returns. Even though he discovers Jason is not his brother, Ben is determined to find out the truth ab

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